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Who We Are

SG Informatics was established with a simple philosophy in mind: people matter, things do not. In short, technology is just another tool to increase your workers' productivity and to support your business objectives, and it is our job to provide you and your employees with professional and high quality IT services and solutions.We have a highly trained management team and a crew of certified and trained technicians. SGI provides professional IT related services and solutions for projects of any complexity for businesses or organizations of any size. Our expert technicians and engineers have years of combined experience in the technology industry under their belts. We promote and support the environment where education and training work together. We are available to help you deal with any technology related issue that you may face around the clock.

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We Believe... people matter, objects don't.
Here is a simple philosophy that drives our success.

Satnaam Singh, CMD

Our Partners


HPE - Ultimate enterprise IT solutions. Discover solutions that put connectivity at the heart of your teams' operational needs and your customers' event experience. From connected golf courses to state-of-the-art stadiums, and beyond. Learn how HPE's proven track record of solution delivery and successful outcomes across this and every industry market segment continues to drive some of the brightest and most innovative solutions in the worldhttps://www.hpe.com/


Media Filer is the leading Digital Asset Management solution from Netherlands. It is probably the fastest and most reliable DAMS solution available today. We represent Media Filer in India & Canada. Our technical expertise and experience in digital asset management combined with Media Filer - is the ultimate combination our clients can have.https://mediafiler.com/en


VMware is a worldwide-known supplier of virtualization solutions from the desktops to the data centers. The company has $1.5 billion in revenues, over 15, 000 partners, and a huge client base. By trusting VMware company, the clients can lower operating expenses, ensure business stability, go green, and redouble security. https://www.vmware.com/

Veeam Silver Partner - SG Informatics Pvt Ltd

With the hyper-growth and hyper-sprawl of today’s data, traditional data management is not enough. Data must become Hyper‑Available. Getting there requires a new approach that merges the traditional disciplines of data backup and recovery, data protection and data security. Moving from policy-based to behaviour based management to make data both intelligent, and ultimately, self-governing. As the leader in Availability across multi-cloud environments, Veeam® is uniquely positioned to help customers along their journey to Intelligent Data Management.https://www.veeam.com/


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June Swanson

Marketing Director at Fresh Food Co.

“A simple system bug used to bring chaos to the entire office. Our work would just halt. It used to cost us the whole working day to get it sorted. Now, IF it happens, we have it fixed in a ridiculously short time with no stress.”

April 15, 2018

Referral Program

Here at SGI, we consider that referrals are the best way to assert yourself. If you know any business which has some challenges with business technology, please tell them to contact us.When you recommend professional contacts, associates, or partners, you give them a great opportunity to enjoy stress-free IT and receive some benefits for yourself.

Pillars of SGI - Our Management Team

People who stand behind the scenes of our success

  • Satnaam G Singh


    Founder & CMD


  • Prashant Kumar



  • Kawaljeet Singh 

    Executive Director


  • Inderjeet Singh


    Manager Technical Support 


  • Hema 


    Inside Operations Manager


  • Manjit Singh 

    Project Head

    Digitisation Division


  • Bhagwati Prasad 


    Accounts Manager


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If you want to join SGI, get ready to become part of a dynamic team of individuals committed to building long-term relationships with clients and providing the excellent experience with technology. SGI employs high-spirited problem-solvers with exceptional client service skills who are proud of the highest quality of their work.